– having slept like a baby, you awaken to a new dawn as the sun rises above the mist. Rooftops and trees are transformed into a palette of gold. The aromas of fresh ground coffee and croissant beckon you to the delights of a new day.

Imagine – such a day!

Luxury Barge Cruises

For over 30 years, this magnificent ship has been plying the waterways of Europe from Holland to France and Belgium to Germany; She’s provided “memories of a lifetime” for thousands of contented guests.

Continually refurbished and refitted to maintain her full glory, with personal touches everywhere, this beautiful barge offers a true “home away from home”. Many of our guests return for this very reason.

Belgium, France & Holland

Our extensive cruising offers a choice of routes between Holland, Belgium or France. From the intimate Dutch canals to the mighty river Seine. See such sights as the windmills of Zaandam, fairytale Bruges, the treasures of Ghent, the symbolic Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame and the Louvre in Paris. Rubens, Monet and Van Gogh. Sancerre, Reims, Vaux la Vicomte and Fontainebleau. The list is endless and the choice is yours!

There’s so much to do

Biking, walking, hot air ballooning? Or just lazing back in your favorite chair, as the world gently drifts by.

Canal Barging in Comfort & Style

With more space than usual, the Adagio offers you huge dining and living quarters, plus a truly unique lounge bar at the rear of the ship. Warmth and hospitality are guaranteed to all those who travel aboard her.

Your Captain and crew welcome you and hope to see you soon!